Sj Louis Case Study

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S.J. Louis is enduring in commitment to quality services and safe performance. Their Mission is to provide high quality service to customers utilizing a mobile, well-equipped, safety conscious work force.
S.J. Louis Vision is to place SAFETY FIRST, provide quality service to the customers and the community, and empower our employees to reach their full potential. SJ. Louis offers services to public and private markets in the following areas:
Underground utility service (large diameter sewer and water), Tunnelling, Horizontal Directional Drilling, Earthwork, Grading, Land Clearing, Rock Trenching, and Infiltration Solutions. S.J. Louis also partners to build in urban or rural areas, and within public or private developments.
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Depending on the Capital available and priority of investment in capital improvement projects, the company approves the proposal. After the approval of the proposal, either the equipment is upgraded with additional attachments or replaced with a newer one. Once the equipment attains its useful life of operation, a team is set to analyze the condition and it is no longer put to operation if the team recommends not to use it. One more important aspect of the equipment is their maintenance, a team which consists of experienced personnel takes care of maintenance of the equipment.
Equipment Disposal:
When the equipment is no more in use, depending on the expenditure caused for transportation the equipment is either used at the other sites or disposed through selling. The project manager gives a proposal on the disposal and the rejected equipment is shown on the company website for sale. Through this a considerable amount of capital is released and used for the purchase of newer equipment or maintenance of older equipment. C. ENGINEERED WALL SYSTEMS
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There is a centralised resource department which controls all the equipment requirements.
Resource department acts as decision making authority whenever there is a proposal from the operations manager. Updating the values of the equipment and costing the depreciation value to the respective projects is done by accounts department.
When there is a need for the equipment on the job site, the project manager associates with the operations manager and proposes the equipment requirement to the resource department. After receiving the proposal, the resource department analyzes the need of the equipment and based on the budget allocated for the project the final decision is made. Once it is approved the project manager receives the sum of the equipment and then it is procured.
Then after the equipment is added to the inventory and its updated monthly based on the usage of the equipment, maintenance and repairs. It also allows to keep the track of the equipment running on each job site. After the completion of the project the equipment is moved to the different job site based on the requirement. The equipment is disposed if it is no longer required on any of the job

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