Situation Analysis Of Bww: Case Study: Kent State University

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Situation Analysis:
“BWW was created in 1991 with the first opening in Columbus, Ohio (David).” The inspiration for two men came after ‘trying to find a wing specialty establishment in the area of Kent State University (David).” They were unsuccessful in finding such establishment, like they were “used to back in Buffalo, New York (David).”
“Today BWW is headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, they are the largest chicken wing, sports bar in Untied States (David).” As of December 27, 2015 Company owned restaurants is 590 and 573 franchised restaurants.
Mission statement is “WOW people every day. (Buffalo Wild Wings)” They have core values and philosophy of
• We are guest driven
• We are team-focused
• We are community centered
• We are dedicated to excellence
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Along with those 12-15 restaurants internationally (” The main focus of their strategy is to invest in the customer’s experience. With “numerous TVs, tablets, sauces, and beer choices for their consumers (Lutz).”
They have a goal set of growth net earnings that “could be high as 25% from 2015 (” In 2015, “revenue for company owned restaurants was $1,715,000.00 and total for franchises in whole $1,928,195.00 (” Company owned was up 4.2% and franchises was up 2.5% from 2014.
Swot Analysis:
Strengths: National chain, offer 21 sauce choices, 30 different beers, they have no debt, corporate marketing, sporting game parties, and strong brand equity.
Weaknesses: Menu variety, family atmosphere, only promotes wings, and local marketing.
Threats: Competition, cost of raw materials, one concept restaurant, and rise in minimum wage.
Opportunities: Expand menu, International expansion, family friendly events, and healthy products.

Problems and core

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