Essay On High School Vs College

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High school vs. College

Education plays a very important role in people’s lives. In today’s society, people spend many years in school preparing for their future. Our society demands that we go to school in order for people to have good jobs that provide for their families, but in order to have good jobs people need to have good educations. Now employers are looking for a college education, not just a high school diploma. But, what are the similarities between a high school diploma and a college degree? High school and college are two levels of education that most people want to complete; although the two are different, they are similar in many ways.

Both high school and college prepare people for careers in the future. In school
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In high school you have science, math, social studies, english, and elective courses. All those subjects are found in college, but they are taught at a more advanced level. Teachers are there to teach students and help them learn in both high school and college. They teach during class time and give homework for students to learn on their own. It is up to the students to do it so they can get the practice and learn from their mistakes. Most of the materials that are taught are from textbooks. In any class students are going to get homework assignments and papers to write. For homework, it may be to read the textbook and come to class with questions or be able to answer questions on the material that was read. Most of the work in high school and college is not going to come easy. Students are going to have to find a study method that works for them. Also, most of the time people need to go to tutoring to understand the material better or just to get help, so that they are not be behind in class. Another method that most kids in high school and college use is to go to the library. The library is a place to go when people need a quiet place to study, and when we really need to concentrate on getting an assignments done . More importantly, when we have a test that we know is just not an option to

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