Negative Essay: Is College Worth The Cost?

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Some say that college is a waste of money, a waste of time, and a waste of effort; others completely disagree. The question “Is college worth the cost?” acts as a frequently debated topic, one to which most people already have a predetermined answer to. The rise of college enrollments and the decline of high school dropouts shows a norm in the United States. Since a college diploma is now seen as the only entry ticket for essentially any good job, college is undoubtedly worth the cost. In order to become a well rounded citizen, become financially stable, and further one’s knowledge in how to secure a prosperous job, attending and graduating college is essential.
As a college student, individuals have the freedom to try new things, meet new people, and visit new places. Broadening one’s perspective in all of these ways does not just help one to become a more socially advanced person, but to helps them to further their career more easily in the future. Esoteric individuals tend to find it more difficult to land a successful career because their job interviews do not always achieve what was planned. The more sociable one is, the easier it is to talk to bosses and
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Although attending college is no guarantee to a future life full of success, there are many opportunities to have a better life than people with just a high school degree. Higher education helps one to become a more well-rounded person and there is a higher chance that graduates develop into happier individuals, not only with their job, but with their family as well. The odds towards becoming financially stable also rise while holding a diploma. All of these reasons serve as a justification to come to the conclusion that the choice to further one’s knowledge by attending and graduating college is essential. College is, indeed, undoubtedly worth the

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