Essay on Should Women Be Equal?

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Many against the support for help benefit women in becoming equal argue, women don 't provide a proper education level, women are not are mentally stable, or they are not physically compatible to men. Gender inequalities has been an issue women faces for many generations. Women have been treated as homemakers and are told to aid the men and children. As a woman, we are strong, wise, and can do anything a man can do. Some women, such as athlete can do it better. Today’s society has changed over the past few years, women are become single-parents, laws are being looped by big businesses, Our sex should not determine how we should be treated or looked at, if we are capable of doing similar tasks that men do, why should men stop us?
The existence of the pay gap was used to help favor the males when it came to rights, wealthy, freedom, and marriage. Gender Inequality is defined as” the disparity in status, power, and prestige between people who identify as men and women” (Ferro, 1). Before sailing to America, Native Americans would have women preserve and harvest and men hunt and gather. Native Women were seen as the backbone of living and serving. Women made tools and weapons out of animal bone, which were absolutely necessary for everyone’s’ survival. Not only was there medicine men in the tribes but there were medicine women as well ("Native American women ", p. 3). The titles people used to separate men from female cultivated from Europe during the discovery and colonization…

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