Essay On How Much Does Black Lives Matter

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How much does black lives matter?
Rest in peace to Mike Brown another African American who fell victim to a police officer with a fire arm. He was a great guy never bothered anyone he always stayed to himself. Mike did not deserve to get shot dead he followed the rules the officers told him to demand by. Just another African American people will have to protest for.
Police officers have been labeled bad guys, villains, devils, racist, and much more after every shooting that leads to a death or abusive actions taking towards to an African American. This has been going on for many years and still no change. 1992 the Rodney King riot where a gang of police officers brutally beat an African American to crucial conditions. People protested day and night hoping for a change, but
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Videos, audios, even pictures have been released to the media with proof that the people that got murdered was not doing anything to harm the police officers. Yet of course nothing happens to the officers; however, a family has to live with the tragedy knowing that one their family members has been murdered for no reason and there is nothing to they can do about it.
Police brutality is defiantly wrong on any race but how much does black lives matter? Only time people protest black lives matter is when there is an incident with a police officer that happens to be white. There is black on black crime every day in America; however, it does not make news or neither does a big protest start about it. Understanding that blacks are angry because a police officer or any human being with another race other than African American commits a physical crime to an African American is becomes a controversial topic that hits front page of the media and goes viral. Why is this so?
In 2015 statistics shows that police officers killed twice as many whites than

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