Should We Lose Weight And Have A Good Body? Essay

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The opinion that I have about this topic is that working out is the best way to lose weight and have a good body. Most of the time people try to do a lot things to lose weight except exercise, because most people today in age want to do everything easy. All the time they choose the easier way. We think that eating healthy and doing exercise is the only and best way to lose weight. When we have discipline and we really want to be healthy, we can make a great change in life.
Sometimes people think that is easier to watch videos on youtube or to look on the internet for magic pills that is going to help them to lose weight faster. Other people think eating just a little bit during the day it’s going to help too. In some cases that is bad, because some people think that eating nothing is the solution. That is the most incorrect way to lose weight. That is a big problem when people are trying to lose weight, sometimes it’s just that they don’t know how to start the proper way.
Regular Exercise
The exercise has been around as early as 400BC. A physician named Hippocrates mentioned exercise as one of the ways on how one can greatly boost their health. He mentioned that towards good health exercise is good nourishment. This was the start of the continuous search of men to find the most effective routine that will not only keep us fit but save us from other side effects that rigorous exercise might bring.
The exercise keeps your heart beating, Several studies have been made and they…

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