Should We Believe Those Labels? How Truthful Are They? Essay

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We humans, as any other living organism, have to eat in order to obtain energy. We fetch that form energy different kinds of foods that we eat. That food comes from the store as we roam the aisles of those stores in search of food for the three big meals of our day breakfast, lunch and dinner. We get to choose from aisles and aisles of products stacked in order with hundreds of different labels on them, each with different labels. They might be labeled Organic, Natural, and Fresh Farm and some would even say preserved. But the real question that stands is should we believe those labels? How truthful are they? As the technology increases there are more ways to preserve foods that comes out every day. The foods that we eat might also cause us some positive effects as well as negative effects such as high cholesterol, heart diseases and obesity, which are also some of the long-term diseases. There are also some short-term diseases such as fever, stomachache, and diarrhea. It implies that many of these are unambiguously associated to those food nutrients we absorb or even if we don 't consume enough certain types of food. Adopting to eat organic food, or food with no antibiotic or preservatives added, or conventional food that is taken care of is exceptional for the long term health of consumers because it can greatly reduce the risk of any illness and disease.
Humans have been eating organic food since the beginning of civilization. “All of Humanity ate organic food until the…

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