Should Unpaid Internships Be Paid? Essay

2148 Words Oct 27th, 2014 9 Pages
Internships have been a great way of getting connected with a job a person might apply for in the future. Internships can also save ones time by experimenting in different career fields and gain a lot of experience from working there. According to a natural survey by vault up to 84% of students planned to complete at least one internship before graduating and some will require to do internships to receive college credit. There is a lot of debate on if internships should pay students or not pay students. Internships should pay people because it will help students with lower income, won’t leave employees exploited, and saves students from sacrificing time. Unpaid internships aren’t a complete waste of time because some people will say it helps them land jobs easier and gives them experience with what they would be doing in the future if they apply. Of course unpaid internships have major cons but to some people it might think it is worth it. Nothing in this world is free. Everything in life costs money and time is a big value that by no means is cheap. Internship without getting paid can be financially difficult for a student because they have to pay for expensive tuition and living expenses. About two thirds of the students get loans for their colleges. Students who have to receive loans from their schools must borrow even more money because of their unpaid internships they will be even more in debt. First off, since students have to pay a lot of money from tuition the…

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