Should Universities And College Students Have Music Appreciation And Art Appreciation Mandatory Courses?

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Students in colleges or universities have complained that why they have to take music apprieciation or art apprieciation if they are majoring in biology or law. According to Necessary Edges: Arts, Empathy, and Education by Yo-Yo Ma, “The value behind arts integration-collaboration, flexible thinking, and disciplined imagination- lead to the capacity to innovate” (Ma 258). In today society people live in a world where art is all around them, but they don’t know it. This is why universities and college makes the student have music appreciation and art appreciation mandatory courses. Universities or colleges wants the students to be more aware and open minded of they’re surrounding and not be stuck knowing one subject. Universities and educators should make it mandatory for students to take art courses because this generation is very closed minded.
To begin with, art plays a higher educational role for students because it allows students expose to different subjects. Exposing one subject or thing to a student develops them to become a closed minded person. According to Is College Doomed? by Graeme Woods, “liberal-arts education is about developing the intellectual capacity of the individual, and learning to be a productive member in society” (Woods 509). Art teach how everything is created and the history of how piece was construct such as teaching the student when the Wright brothers created the airplane and how they had a dream and imagine human being flying with the…

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