Essay about Should The Visitor Attractions A Good Tourist Attraction?

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The purpose of this essay is for evaluating regardless of whether the visitor attractions a good tourist attraction. It will begin by defining classification or the background of Mapu ‘a Vaea blowholes, typologies and also the roles of all the factors that contribute to the success of the chosen attraction. These types of factors are the organisation and its resources, the product, market and the management of the attraction and the importance of the local community that helps to enhance the success of the attraction.

Mapu ‘a Vaea or Whistle of the Noble because of the whistling sound made by the geyser-like spouts also known as the Houma blowholes . It is a popular natural tourist attraction located in the southwest coast of Tonga in the village of Houma Tongatapu. The meaning behind the name of the famous attraction comes from Vaea the last name of the Honorable Family of Houma. Tonga, a small island located in the western part of the South- Pacific region and a neighbour of Fiji, is well known for its tropical rainforest landscapes (Xinhua News Agency, 2005). Mapu ‘a Vaea is a 5 - kilometer volcanic rock stretch along the coastline that has nearly hundred spectacular blowholes. The blowholes is made up big huge form of waves crash into the rocks and sea water is forced into natural channels that forces the water to shoot up through tiny holes and therefore made up a white foams that spreads in the water. Some of the blowholes splash onto the rocks and force water to…

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