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    Accessibility refers to the ability of visitors reach the final destinations they must visit in order to meet their needs, and desire to visit to satisfy their wants. Mapu ‘a Vaea blowholes is very easy to access in terms of transportation. The destination of the attraction is sparingly spectacular and very easy to travel through. The busses from Nuku 'alofa to Houma only take about 30 minutes to arrive at the center of the village and a minutes’ walk from there down to the main attraction. The visitors who have access to their own transport can go straight to and from the attraction and it easy for them as it has its own car park at the main entrance .The destination of Tongatapu itself can be an asset to the success of the attraction because it’s much closer to both New Zealand and Australia. This will make it easier to access the country that led to arrivals exploring the famous blowholes. The location and the accessibility is what motivate people from all over the world to travel. On the other hand, it attracts groups of people internationally and domestically including the people from China . Xinhua News Agency (2005) state that the Kingdom of Tonga has become a tourist destination for Chinese citizens, after a memo of understanding was signed Wednesday in Nuku 'alofa, the capital of Tonga. It is also attracting groups of people such as school children on a field trip, families and a variety of special events…

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    churches’ missionaries; each has their own doctrines and beliefs. Imagine how each church taught their own beliefs and doctrines to the people of Tonga. Imagine the contention and confusion among the people. Those are disadvantages of Religion in Tonga. Because each faith is trying to convert people, they tend to degrade other faiths and disrespecting their doctrines and beliefs. This is happening in Tonga, and it sad to know that religion in which many believe it brings light and knowledge to…

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