Importance Of Tourism In India

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4.1.1 Scope of Tourism in India India has the Himalayan ranges in the north, a long coastline surrounded by seas in the south. In addition, India is rich in varied landscapes, enchanting historical sites and royal cities, clean beaches, serene mountain retreats, rich cultures and festivities to enjoy and rejuvenate. In any part of the year, India can offer a wide selection of destinations and experiences. In summer, there are lovely retreats amidst the heady beauty in the Himalayas or the lush-heights of the Western Ghats with cool trekking trails, tall peaks, or stretches of white water for the adventure seekers. In the cool Indian winter, cities come alive with cultural feasts of music and dance. The sun-clad beaches are ideal locations for rejuvenation in the winter. The wild-life sanctuaries with their abundance of flora and fauna provide delights to the mind and rejuvenation to the body. Various tourism themes are being promoted in India, which are described below:
1. Adventure Tourism: The country
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Pilgrimage: India holds attractions, for pilgrim tourists of diverse religions, where religion is considered more than the act of worship, but a way of life. For the Hindus age-old cities of worship like Prayag (that provide holy confluence of Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati rivers); Puri (Jagannath temple); Konark (Sun temple); Kanchipuram, Madurai, Tiruchirappalli and Kanniyakumari (Southern Gopurams), provide peace and reverence. In addition, there are also religious places that are carved with craftsmanship, at Belur and Halebid. In these temples, the interior and exterior walls are decorated with intricately-carved deities’ stylized motifs from nature and friezes depicting the life in the reign of the Hoysalas. There are also worship places for the Muslims (Delhi - Jumma Masjid), Christians (Churches in Goa and Kerala), Buddhists (Bodhgaya, Saranath, Kushinagar), Sikhs (Golden Temple) and Jains (Sravanabelagola), that have tourist

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