Importance Of Tourism Promotion

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Promotion is a very important factor in is a very difficult process to create awareness to a large group of customers.the tourism firm accept all the responsibilities in sensing the tourist.
The dealers use a variety of promotion techniques to succeed in bbosting up the number of customers.
Promotion helps in increasing the period of stay, repeated visit by giving new tourist products which attracts the customers of same country as well as other country.
.. The various elements of tourism promotion are
Advertising: Advertisement gives required information to the tourists. It will cover a wide area. Advertising is mainly aiming at the public to create knowledge regarding the travel offers which are available in a
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For eg: travel firms do provide covers for passport, trolley bags,pens, wallets, flight bags, etc Word-of-mouth Promotion: Most communication regarding the tourism takes placeby the method of by word-of-mouth.,
. In the tourism filed, it is stated that the word-of-mouth supporter does the out of sight sales force, which helps the procedure of selling..
Personal Selling: Personal Selling depends on the personal ability of a person. The travel and hotel industry largely depend on personal selling. The growth of travel and tourism is possible because of having employees who are to well-educated and trained sales personnel staffs. The growth of tourism business is prejudiced by services provided by the travel agentsor guides as they act as information hauler.
Telemarketing: a professionally talented marketer use this method to market his products.the success element is based on the technology and communication skills of the marketer.
Exhibitions: it includes car rental,airlines, travel agent ,tour operator,holiday investor, technology supporter, education institution of tourism and hospitality,promotion boards
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these people who are dealing with the customers has to be provided with necessary training regarding the product and interpersonal skill. The travel agent and the travel guides are the 2 important people who explains more about the product. So it is very important that these people should be always available at their best and they should be able to impress the customers. Travel guides are expected to have a lot of patience, care, good behavior, close to us approach, good sense of humor, very good interaction, fun, they have skill to transform the irregular tourists into habitual ones, very good and effective knowledge of the places, additional skills etc.
The procedure method of the tourism organization largely depends on the size of the organization. The steps involved in distributing the product of the tourism :

Provision of travel information: the travel information is afforded at the suitable location where the tourist can clarify his doubts regarding the anticipated tour.
Preparation of itinerates: it is the process of arranging sequence of procedure that is required in tour planning.
Liaison with providers of services: Before any form of travel is sold over the counter to a customer; contracts have to be entered with the providers of various services including transportation companies, hotel accommodation, coaches for local sightseeing

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