Essay on Should The Death Penalty Be Legal?

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1 Something can be legal, yet might not be ethical. List some examples

There is a wide range of actions that can be categorized as legal but very unethical. For instance, cheating on your partner is an unethical action done by many human. An individual can have multiple relationships and make their partner suffer. Yet, not a single law states that it is illegal to be unfaithful to your partner. I believe that being unfaithful to your significant other is unethical because it is not morally right to disrespect another human being. However, the law does not consider this type of infidelity to be illegal.

Another example would be the death penalty. Certain states and jurisdictions practice and consider that the death penalty is legal. Although criminals deserve to be punished for their actions, who are we to take a human 's life? The individuals that practice the law decide whether or not an individual deserves the death penalty. However, this is unethical because everybody has different values and has their own opinion. Thus, it is immoral to condemn somebody for their actions when perhaps they are doing something worse. I believe that taking somebody else 's life through the death penalty should be illegal because killing is a negative action, regardless of how you do it.

One final example of an unethical but illegal example would be labor laws. Many corporations and businesses take advantage of their employees. They pay the minimum wage but demand their…

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