Should the Death Penalty Be Abolished? Essay

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Should we as Americans be the ones to judge someone to death? That is what happens every time that a criminal is sentenced to death. The death penalty is a major debate that Americans have faced for many years. Who are we though to commit a crime against one who committed the wrongful crime? Doesn’t this make us just as guilty as the criminal? Through this paper we will explore the pros, cons, and whether the death penalty serves to morally normalize society. The death penalty is a major debate in the United States that many feel is wrong, and has been for many years. There are thirty-five states in the United States that still uphold the death penalty. Out of the other fifteen states that have abolished the death penalty three of …show more content…
The eighth constitutional right states, “Prohibits federal government from imposing excessive bail, excessive fines, or cruel and unusual punishments” ( ( Many people still question this as to what is cruel or unusual punishment? Just as the Supreme Court did when New Jersey abolished the death penalty. This cruel punishment many see as the death penalty. They see it this way because society’s norms on the definition of cruel have changed since this eighth amendment was written. Take the electric chair for example, Before lethal injection inmates were electrocuted to death. Could you imagine having volts of electricity passed through your body frying your inside until you die? This has to be cruelty and this should have been looked into in the years that it was done. How can anyone say that this was not cruel punishment? Another example that is a great way to look at it as cruel punishment is that whooping use to be used as a form of punishment for the courts to use. This was done away with though. The courts also done away with whooping children saying it was child abuse. Just think if whooping is considered abuse, then wouldn’t killing someone also be? Just think of the torture that one would face knowing that the medicine being forced unwillingly through their veins is going to shut down one organ at a time. Has anyone looked

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