Should The Campus Be Safe Environments For Students? Essay

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Campus Carry Facts Campus carry, also known as S.B.11, may seem like a peculiar thing to need while on campus because colleges are supposed to be safe environments for students to receive knowledge for their future careers, but may be necessary. The new S.B.11 allows licensed gun owners to bring their weapons on campus and have the guns with them. Although being armed is allowed in certain areas they are not allowed everywhere on campus according to the campus carry policies.
The purpose of the campus carry policy is to show what is allowed and what is not to keep the campus a safe place for students. On August 1st the Senate Bill 11, or S.B.11, allowed handguns on Texas campuses. Because handguns are now allowed, the campus is giving policies on what is and is not prohibited involving the new law. The handguns may be useful if a person feels like he or she is in danger; they can protect themselves in a responsible manner.
Only people who are licensed to own a handgun can carry, but they have to meet the requirements that were given to them by the Texas Government Code. In order to carry a firearm, the owner needs to meet federal qualifications to own a gun and also it is mandatory to receive training from an instructor that is certified by the Texas Department of Public Safety. Licensed individuals have full liability for their actions and must act responsibly. People whom will be participating in campus carry have to see training materials that show rules and…

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