Should Teens Make Medical Decisions Essay

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Are 16 and 17 year olds capable of making medical decisions? From birth to adolescence, parents entrust their kids with responsibilities and decision making. At what age do people have the right to determine whether or not they receive medical treatment. 16 and 17 year can become Veterans but still has to have consent from a guardian to receive medical treatment. More and more juveniles are being tried as adults, but they’re not be allowed to make their own medical decisions. What are the reasons for not allowing adolescents to make medical decisions, but they 're allowed to make other critical decisions. If teenagers are allowed to refuse medical treatments, what medical treatments should they be allowed to refuse. Young adults aren’t capable of making life or death medical decisions due to the laws set for teenagers, level of maturity/puberty, and leaving the decisions for the professionals/guardians can save lives. …show more content…
Without laws, everything and everyone will be corrupt because they will act upon irrational emotions. The government, parents and professional researchers all know that minors are impulsive and that 's why laws were made for minors. Even though some teens don’t follow laws about drinking, smoking and drugs, laws about medical decisions can be enforced more. Although some decisions are permitted under circumstances, the government make sure to limit these rights in order to protect the teens. Additionally, minors aren’t mature enough to make life changing decisions with the majority of them making unintelligent decisions now. Smoking, binge drinking and drugs are the few decisions teens are making and to allow these kind of kids to make medical decisions would be unethical. Some adults even make rational and intelligent decisions so we can’t expect teens to make the right ones either. In order to protect these minors, they should not be allowed to make their own medical

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