It's Time To Let Teenagers Drink Again Analysis

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Camille Paglia, the author of It’s Time To Let Teenagers Drink Again, brings forth a very compelling argument in her essay. If and when should teens be allowed to drink? What gives the government the right to determine the drinking age? Alcohol is a very strong and deadly substance if used poorly, but in moderation alcohol can be a healthy addition to a daily diet. Teens should be able to buy alcohol at 18 but their parents should set the age at which they can drink, not the government. In order to determine if underage drink is a problem in our country we first have to determine the drinking age. If a “ young American can vote, marry, enter contracts and serve in the military at 18…”(22), why can’t they drink alcohol? If a man can die for …show more content…
And over the years the constitution has become a “moral rule book.” The government is babying us. Why not let the teens drink legally under the supervision of their parents. Most individuals experience alcohol for the first time at a party without an adult present. How is a 15 year old teen supposed to know that 5 shots of Everclear is a bad idea. Or maybe even a college kid at their first post game party, how are they supposed to know what Jungle Juice is? If an individual is exposed to this knowledge with their parents, (who I can promise have a plethora of knowledge about alcohol, they were college kids too.) they are less likely to suffer from alcohol poisoning, or die because of irresponsible drinking. Allowing the parents to legally drink with their child will help dramatically in saving the lives of our nation's young adults. Alcohol, as we all know, is an imperative substance. With too much of it in our system we can become a danger to ourselves and others. But in moderation it is good for you. 1 ½ cups of red wine a day at dinner is proven to help reduce that chance of a heart attack by 56% (WebMD). When I experienced my heart attack when I was 15 my cardiologist told me to have ½ a cup of wine at dinner every day. I can promise you that my heart has never worked as well as it does now. In my opinion alcohol

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