Why We Should Not Have Guns In Schools Essay

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What happens when a school shooting occurs? People can get injured or worse. Teachers would be better off if they had some protection. It is a policy for teachers to protect their students. If it is a policy to protect students, shouldn’t teachers carry a gun or at least be in access to a gun. No one ever knows when a shooting is about to begin. School teachers carrying guns in class to protect everyone, which is what the whole speech is about. Sandy Hook Elementary School is just one of the many schools that have experienced a school shooting. Twenty students and six adults were killed because one evil man decided he was going to go inside the school and take innocent lives. But what if the teachers possessed guns? Or even had access …show more content…
He did not attend the school. This man decides to walk in a school and start shooting people. Although, the authorities cannot get there within the second of the call. Teachers should be able to have a gun with them at all times to protect themselves and their class. “According to the poll 's results, 31.1 percent of teachers say their schools are not safe from gun violence.” Says Huffingtonpost.com. If teachers are not safe from gun violence shouldn’t they have something to protect themselves from it? Teachers should feel safe in schools, so why not give them access to firearms? According to government.com, 29.4% of students, teachers, and parents say that having arms with the teachers would greatly improve, most likely improve, and improve having firearms within the read of teachers. That would state that having arms or being within a range of obtaining firearms is safety. It is a fifty-fifty debate on whether or not teachers should carry guns with them in class on debate.org. South Dakota has a law that lets teachers bear firearms in school. Along with that, eight other states are considering making teachers carry firearms legalized. If teachers are granted to bear arms people would most

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