Should Students Work While Attending School? Essay

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Should Students Work While Attending School? In the last few decades, the numbers of students who are always looking for a part time job while they are attending college is increasing every day. According to a recent study was published in 2015 by the Georgetown University in Washington D.C, the number of students who have a job while studying were estimated about more than 70 percent of college students in the US (Carnevale 10). Because of so many fees and costs that students have to handle, working during college seems to be a necessity than an option. Part-time jobs provide not only paychecks but also experiences, skills for the students. It is very helpful for the students after they graduate college and look for a real job. Although there are some people who argue that having a job during colleges is not good, students should try to find a part-time job while they are in colleges because of the huge benefits.
One of the primary reasons is the college students who have part-time jobs tend to have the better experience and skills than the others. Working is one of the best ways that students can practice and apply their knowledge to a real job. That is totally a good method for improving the work experience. Also, the work experience will be a good point which students can show in their curriculum vitae when they apply for a real job in the future. Moreover, student workers usually have lots of good skills, such as time-management, communication, planning, and…

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