Should Students Carry Gun Guns On School Grounds? Essay

1137 Words Oct 3rd, 2016 5 Pages
protect others from those who want to cause harm. An article published in 2013 was discussing the literature and data points proposing the idea of allowing teachers to carry concealed guns on school grounds. In some states, such as Texas and Utah teachers are allowed to carry guns, while some still believe that adding guns into the school environment will cause more harm than good (Buck, Yurvati, & Drake, 2013). This topic has me caught in the middle, I do believe that if a shooter knew that people in the school were armed that person would be less likely to attack, but I could also see negative outcomes if a child were know where a teacher kept their gun and got a hold of it. It is even likely accidents could occur that would not be possible if there were no guns on the school grounds. However, though I support guns as a form of protection, I do not believe that violence is the answer to solving problems. If a student were to be sent to me after partaking in a violent act, I would have a difficult time empathizing with that student. I do not believe that is the way to solve problems, especially if the student is violently bullying other students. I will have to remain unbiased and listen to the students and work with the student on underlying issues. It will be my ethical duty to not judge or jump to conclusions as to why the student resorted to violence. This will be an area that I will need to focus on my initial emotional response and gather myself before working with…

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