Examples Of Limited Control In Schools

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Limited Access: Guns in School

Think back to the headlines and media from the following years; 1999, 2007, and 2012. These are all years in which popular school shootings occurred, and shocked the nation. The first shooting that took place was Columbine, followed by Virginia Tech, and most recently Sandy Hook. These are prime examples of the danger that guns can pose to the school environment. It is an unfortunate circumstance when the two worlds collide. Like oil and water, guns and school do not mix by their very nature alone. But, when effort is applied, the two ingredients mix, and become an emulsion. The school environment and its relation to guns is the same – with a little effort and consideration the two can coexist. Limited control is the solution to this problem. Restricting access to handguns, by licensed security personnel, is pertinent to public safety in the college environment. This limited access secures the public safety, eliminates the distraction from hyper-vigilance, and requires less resources from the college and local authorities.

The laws regarding handguns are open to interpretation, have several gray areas regarding possession, and vary
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Students fear their safety, and by limiting who has guns at the school, the distraction caused by this hyper-vigilance can be reduced significantly. Consider the amount of school shootings which could have been prevented if guns were better controlled, and put in the right hands. The presence of licensed and trained security personnel, serves as a reminder to faculty and staff that they are protected by qualified individuals. This is the college 's first line of defense against emergency situations. As can be observed in public speaking, anxiety levels have a direct correlation to one 's level of preparedness, so is true for guns and hyper-vigilance. If the school is prepared and aware of this, the level of hyper-vigilance will

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