Should Students Be Allowed To Search Cell Phones Essay

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Numerous numbers have protested about students rights are not being kept and or followed. But is seizing and searching a student's cell phone an invasion of privacy according to the fourth amendment? The students are choosing to attend that school. It's necessary for students to follow those regulations. It is right for school officials to search and seize students cellphones in certain circumstances. There are plenty of reasons why it's acceptable for teachers to search cell phones. For example, during an initial inspection if they discover any rule breaking content it could lead in an additional frisk. Additionally teachers are required to upkeep the classroom in tip top shape and order. With all this, if you don't search a cellphone it could put students in great danger. Students often misunderstand that school staff aren't licensed to check students cellphones and if something else is discovered they can't search it. But they can in according to Wernz “If the school official conducting a reasonably narrow search comes across information about a violation of a school or a law unrelated to the initial search,it may be justified in a further search.” That is basically saying if a student is caught red …show more content…
“The court has consistently hold that these searches do not automatically violate a student's right to privacy,with the basis for these decisions resting on a substantial need of public school teachers to maintain order and control our their classroom” ("Students Have Privacy Rights Under the Fourth Amendment.") This means if the teacher feels the need to take the cellphone and search it to sustain the classroom leadership. According to Chelsea Kopta “... building administrators may search the person,personal property(including school lockers,desks or other storage areas…”. So if teachers feel it's necessary to search and seize personal property to keep students safe they can do

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