Essay about Should School Start Round Schooling?

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I Want to Learn Most parents want what is best for their children in everything, including education. Year-round schooling would be a way for students to make the best of schooling. Long summer vacations are causing children to lose knowledge of the year before that they need to know. Year-round school would prevent this loss. Even though year-round schooling causes administrators to burnout, it should be active in all schools because it eases overcrowding, it offers childcare year round, and it improves academic achievements. Year-round schooling has been adapted in many schools throughout the nation. “More than 3,700 schools operate year-round nationwide” (DeNisco 16). Many schools switch to year-round schooling to solve overcrowding issues. They do so by separating students into groups or tracks. “To ease overcrowding, students are separated into four different groups. 3 of the 4 groups are in school while the other group is on break” (Dessoff 40). People wonder when teachers ever get a break, but “teachers operate on the same schedules as their students do” (Dessoff 45). Many people think year-round school literally means going to school 365 days per year. However, “students would go to school 230-240 days per year” (Finn 33). Due to the fact that schools do not have a long vacation during the summer, they have short breaks expanded throughout the year. “Schools have little breaks throughout the school year, sometimes lasting up to 2-3 weeks” (Will). Many…

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