Essay Should Prison Inmates Be Prison?

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Going to school is the same as going to prison. On the first day of being in prison, we all meet up in the main hall and the warden gives us instructions. All of the prisoners are divided up into different halls, and we have a designated prison guard. Some prison guards are nice, but usually they are mean. The prisoners that have been here for a long time can get away with more because they suck-up to the warden and the guards. If we do something bad, we go into the isolation room, where we are assigned the work for that day. Each prisoner is assigned their own ID number, and finger print code that they must use if they ever want to eat. Lunch is done on shifts, mainly because the guards don’t want a riot, or the prisoners to eat lunch with their friends. For lunch, we are forced to eat the leftovers from the pigs that the guards feed secretly on the roof. If we say something wrong, we have to go see the shrink. The shrink helps us by telling us how we should never use drugs or alcohol. Schools are actually just prisons made for children. The punishment for being a bad child is going to school; I guess our government thinks we’re all bad kids, because my parents say we have to go to school. On the first day of being in our designated cells, or classrooms, (all of these are numbered). Every cell smells different, mainly, erasers, and Crayola markers can be smelled. The cells that we are assigned to each have desks. Desks are used to keep us caged unless we are given…

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