Should Performance Enhancing Drugs Be Illegal For Student Athletes?

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Should performance enhancing drugs be illegal for student athletes? All the way back in 1865, “canal swimmers in Amsterdam and Holland were the first competitive athletes charged with doping” (ProQuest staff). During these time periods many of these athletes would mix cocaine and heroin to make a concoction called the speedball (ProQuest staff). These athletes would mix the substances to get the extra boost of performance for them to believe that they were at their best every competition. Many didn’t really know the harm it did to their bodies and what kind of precedent they set for future athletes. Their knowledge of these drugs were so minimal that they believed they only did good to their performance and had little impact on their bodies and others around. This is what caused the outbreak of so many student athletes using performance enhancing drugs. Mayo Clinic Staff states, “1 in 20 teenagers report using steroids to increase muscle mass”. This shows a very high percent of kids using these drugs without knowing the effects of it. At such a young age, kids are beginning to use these drugs to get more notable performances in high school so that college coaches will look into them more and offer scholarships. Little do they know that these drugs will make them a better athlete for the short run but can become very detrimental to their life later down the road. Many young athletes have looked into anabolic steroids. In the article it states, “Anabolic steroids are most…

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