Should Marijuana Be Legalized? Essay

1338 Words Jun 8th, 2015 null Page
What do you think when you hear the word, marijuana? Do you agree or disagree about legalizing marijuana? As of April 2015, four states already legalize marijuana for recreational use, and twenty-two states allow using marijuana for medical use. However, other states do not allow using marijuana for recreational use (Page 49). Therefore, marijuana should be legalized in all of the Unites States because marijuana can be used for a medicine, has less addiction than other substances such as tobacco and alcohol, and affects on economic costs.
First of all, marijuana can be used for medicine. Many countries where marijuana is legal have been used marijuana on a medical field, and it works such as in Canada, Nederland, and Germany (Page 54). Moreover, in these days, the research of medical marijuana is progressing in the United States, so some states have started using marijuana to cure patients. For example, twenty-two states have already started to use marijuana for medicine (Page 49). According to Ed Rosental Steve, Kubby, and S. Newhart from the book, “Why Marijuana Should Be Legal” marijuana does not have any toxic, or potentially lethal effect. In addition, marijuana is natural and one of the safest “therapeutically active” substances, which is the medicine that can be used for treating people (Page 55). Furthermore, marijuana can cure wide variety of disease, for instance, marijuana treat AIDS, cancer, and depression or other mood disorders (Page 50). Also, even medical…

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