Should Marijuana Be Legalized? Essay

1805 Words May 11th, 2015 null Page
Cannabis or otherwise named as marijuana, is highly known to be a drug to everyone in the United States, however not everyone sees the purpose and use of marijuana similarly. The process of legalization of marijuana has caused a conflicted and controversial division over it 's potential benefits or harmful hazards. One of the issues is it 's effect to those who use it; from a medical perspective, marijuana can be used to treat patients that could be not treated through alternative drugs that doesn 't have as much potency, others advocate legal marijuana to be used for recreational means and try to have a hand into a booming cash crop industry. The use of drugs should be used correctly in a way that would benefit society as a whole and thus will be explained thoroughly regarding the issue from both perspectives as well as providing the history and origins of marijuana. Ultimately, this will also detail on the United States to take consideration towards legalizing marijuana for medical means rather than recreational uses. Historically, cannabis has been a very old herb that has been proliferated throughout all over the world. According to ElSohly (2007) he explains, that the origins of cannabis could have either come from Central Asia or in the Himalayas but first used in China to be grown for fiber and the production of seeds (p. 8). Other countries also use cannabis but for different reasons, India relies on cannabis to produce resin, European and East Asian cultures focus…

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