Essay on Should Marijuana Be Legalized?

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Recreational Rights
Marijuana is rapidly becoming more and more socialized in the United States in recent years. There are multiple articles constantly being posted on thousands of websites in reference to cannabis becoming legal in individual states and in the United States as a whole for medical uses as well as for personal and recreational purposes. Because marijuana has been legalized in two states, there are result records of how marijuana has taken a positive toll on each of those states. Marijuana is a natural substance grown from the Earth, it contains no additives or chemicals, and has been shown to not cause serious harm to a person when it is used as directed medically or recreationally in a safe manner. For this reason marijuana use is quickly becoming less taboo, more accepted, and more wide spread amongst the population as a whole. The legalization of cannabis for both recreational usage and medicinal purposes should become a reality in the United States.
Marijuana is a natural substance grown from the Earth. It comes from the cannabis plant. Cannabis has become known by many names including but not limited to the following: marijuana, hash, kush, pot, and weed. Marijuana can come in a variety of forms including that of a sticky dark oil, a grass that resembles a green/brown tobacco, and small brown clumps. Marijuana can be hand rolled into a cigarette, most often referred to as a joint. It can be smoked in a specialized pipe, often called a bowl or a bong.…

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