Essay on Should Marijuana Be Legalized?

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Should Marijuana Be Legalized?

In Colorado, lives a young boy, named Jayden David, who suffers from epilepsy and is today, being treated with medical marijuana. He has suffered from Dravet’s syndrome, this is a form of childhood epilepsy. On June 4th, 2011, David, the boy’s father, gave his son medical marijuana for the first time after being prescribed multiple, useless medications that wouldn’t stop the seizures. Today, Jayden loves to not only walk, but run, as well as playing at parks and climbing the jungle gym. His father also started taking his son off the other powerful medications Jayden was on, that were possibly causing him to develop improperly (Lah). This is just one of the numerous miraculous lives that have been changed by the legalization of marijuana. This young boys life, and countless others, could be saved just from legalizing marijuana in all 50 states for medical and recreational use. Even though marijuana may become addictive, so can numerous other drugs we use today. Ibuprofen or even cough syrup can become addictive, yet neither of those are outlawed. So why marijuana? A recent study done by News 21 shows that $1.1 billion dollars was spent on the study of the possible addiction and abuse of marijuana. But yet, only $297 million went towards the study of the mental effects and possible benefits of marijuana (Chesler). In 1970, Congress passed the Controlled Substances Act, this law allowed all drugs to be organized into schedules according to…

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