Should Marijuana Be Legalized? Essay

1507 Words Jul 5th, 2016 null Page
I have known a lot of lethargic losers that smoke medical marijuana on the daily, it seems the world would be a much better off place without the consistent problem of whether or not to legalize cannabis. Well, biasedly speaking, it makes me shovel food in my mouth with feverous hunger, laugh with close friends like nothing else mattered, or disappoint loved ones and cause a great deal of unnecessary stress through their irrational beliefs. At the mere mention of the word marijuana, most loving mothers or fathers would be irate and disappointed already. This dissatisfaction comes from the traditional social stigma of cannabis use in this age of pre-national legalization. The abundance of contrasting and corresponding views alike is remarkable, because with all the shame involved in smoking weed, it can’t be all that bad right? Well, as a growing 21 year old still living with his family, it is clear that the use of cannabis and other remedies has a powerful effect. The late night cravings to overeat cheap, fast food, which has racked in much profit for fast food chains, even random outings to new places merely to just to escape are just a few common happenings of a typical day of any cannabis connoisseur. The conflicting views of my own personal opinion, researchers, and citizens wholly against legalizing marijuana, can cause a great deal of uproar when attempting to bring cannabis into the same social acceptance group as something like alcohol or tobacco.
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