Should Marijuana Be Legalized? Essay

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America has spent thousands, even millions of dollars fighting the war on drugs. One of the main drugs that are part of this war is marijuana. While many misguided perceptions and claims regarding cannabis have been created, many factual claims about the beneficial side of it has also risen. Whether it is called cannabis, marijuana, weed, or pot, this plant is associated with all the same characteristics. There are far more beneficial qualities surrounding marijuana than there are injurious qualities. Marijuana usage can be viewed as constructive under various occasions and instead of fighting against it, the government should take control of marijuana and use it for its own advantage. Marijuana is a profitable plant in various different aspects of life, and thus, it is more sensible to make it legal across the nation. The use of marijuana has many different side effects, but who would have ever guessed these side effects could contain beneficial factors for one’s body. Marijuana can help heal various different illnesses and disorders that people are diagnosed with. The inhalation of marijuana has the ability to slow or paralyze the motor skills of cancerous cells. Cancer patients are able to relieve some of their symptoms by using marijuana. It has the ability to calm one’s stomach, thus ending the nauseous feeling most cancer patients obtain after chemotherapy. The ability to obtain marijuana for this purpose is not commonly achievable since it is illegal. Most people…

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