Should Marijuana Be Legal For Medicinal Purposes? Essay

1051 Words Dec 12th, 2014 null Page
It’s an idea that has always caused an argument in the medical field. Should marijuana be used for a medicinal purpose? It has become legal in 23 states, including the capitol of our country Washington D.C. However, marijuana without medical use is still legal. Many physicians question the use of marijuana for a medicinal purpose. Others think that it should be legal for medicinal purpose. Physicians that oppose it are saying that there is harmful side effect, and it isn’t all “good” as people say it is. Other physicians disagree and say that, it is medical “miracle” for patients suffering through pain or any chronic/terminal illness. Whatever they may believe, it is still a hot topic in the medical field of science today. They are performing all kind of scientific test to prove whether or not marijuana should be used for medical purpose. The issue they are facing is whether or not marijuana should be illegal in all states for medicinal purpose. Even then, how are they going to try convince the other states to make marijuana legal for medicinal purpose? Especially to the states that take marijuana offenses very serious like Florida.
Every issue or act has an opposing side that disagrees with the belief. Especially if they involve to do anything with medical issues. Everyone has the right to be entitled to their opinion. So what makes the opposing side to medicinal marijuana oppose the use of its use for medicine? Well there are several reasons to why they believe it should…

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