Should Licensed Gun Owners Be Allowed Carry Firearms On College Campuses?

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“Should licensed gun-owners be allowed to carry firearms on college campuses?”

On November 28th of this year, another senseless attack happened at a college as an active shooter was reported on the campus of Ohio State University. At the time, early in the morning, the extent of the damage was unknown but most feared the worst. A quick glance onto social media sites showed an over flow of tweets such as “Praying for OSU” and “Run Hide Fight” (The three things one might have to do in an active shooter situation). Time felt as if it were standing still as the whole world waited for an update. However, as time progressed and the information began to roll in, the perpetrator who was believed to be an active shooter actually was not. Armed with a butcher knife and a vehicle, the attacker attempted to storm the campus. An officer shot and killed the assaulter within minutes of his attack. There were 11 people injured within that time, nevertheless none were seriously injured. Gun control is a huge topic in this day and age. The majority seems to be against gun ownership in general choosing to forgo and even repeal the 2nd amendment itself by claiming all sorts of crazy statistics and using them for their own (somewhat) misguided crusade. Regardless, through meticulous research, this carefully crafted paper will shed light on this somber subject in hopes to persuade the reader to understand the need for personal protection on college campuses. This will be accomplished by three…

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