Should Juveniles Be Prison For Life? Essay

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Should juveniles be sentenced in prison for life?

Should juveniles be trial as an adult after committing a heinous crime and sentenced to life? As a teenager, this question if far complicated to answer due that i am a teenager yet in my opinion i believe that juvenile should not be sentenced to life. I believe that there 's others way to punish them for their crimes. The last execution was on 2006 in California. On June 2012, the supreme court of justice ruled that juveniles cannot be sentenced life in prison. On July 2014, in California the death penalty was removed. The 8th amendment banned the use of cruel or punishments. The reason why this rules have been imposed or banned was because many believed that they deserve a second chance. There are many reason why juveniles commit crimes such as murder. For instance, juveniles do not deserve life sentences because their brain isn 't fully develop yet and lack awareness of their actions. In the article “Startling Finds on Teenage Brains” by Paul Thompson, he explains the development of the brain and how at some situation the brain it isn 't ready and it can affect the person. This effect in divergent ways; psychologically and emotionally. On Thompson article introduces the case of Nathaniel Brazill, at age 14, he was charge second degree murder, trial as an adult and sentenced life in prison without parole. After a serious research, it has shown that as many other juveniles who have committed crime they are “far from…

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