Should I Scream For Help? Essay

707 Words Jul 30th, 2016 3 Pages
I immediately opened my eyes when I felt something strong on my waist. Maybe someone was trying to attack me or something! Where was I ? Should I scream for help? All these thoughts were going on in my mind when I first felt that strong grip on my waist. I then looked over my waist and found out that it was someone 's hand. I looked around to see where exactly I was at. Soon, a realization struck me from last night that I was currently sleeping in Ankur 's room and the strong hand that I felt earlier must be Ankur 's. I slowly turned around and found out that the pillows were no longer in the middle instead it was Ankur who now took the place of those pillows. His arm was holding my waist, bringing me closer into his warmth. I could feel his bare 6-pack abs on my back. His face was now breathing on my neck. This is what I wanted from Ankur. I wanted to cuddle with him and make him mine forever!

I looked at his face - so calm and peaceful just like a little baby! Who knew that behind this calm face there was a volcano waiting to shower on me? I knew for a fact that as soon as Ankur will open his eyes, he will go back to hating me again.I didn 't want that to happen so I turned around, going closer to Ankur. He was still sleeping peacefully. I moved my hand on his face, drawing a line on his stiff jawline with my fingers. He still didn 't move, seemed like he was in deep sleep. Tears started rolling down my cheeks with the thought that despite being so close to Ankur, he was…

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