Should I Do This Speech? Essay

823 Words Apr 16th, 2016 4 Pages
While working on this speech, there were a few questions that came to my head. The first question that I was, “What kind of speech should I do?” This was my initial question because I wanted to speak on numerous topics such as a change in a proposition, reducing the cost of popcorn and drinks at the movie theatre (did not think this might have been a civil issue debate), etc. While doing my speech I had a few concerns that came to my head. The first concern was the way that my audience will react to my topic and if they will want to hear my speech. Based on my topic that I chose to do, I thought to myself that I already had a biased audience that will not care for my speech based on the way they are involved with my topic. The other concern was basically if I wanted to do this speech or not. I kept thinking to myself, “should I do this speech” because this topic is a huge topic to talk about. I kept thinking for a few days about the concern of my topic and finally made a decision to do it because I knew that I can get deep and connect with this topic.

In this speech, I think I did well by the way I was able to incorporate supporting materials in order to back up my topic. I believe I did well because I took my time finding the best type of source in order to support my idea. Also, after finding my supporting materials, I believe I was able to incorporate my supporting materials in my speech by how the supporting materials connected with my topic. My supporting materials…

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