Should Hunting Help The Environment? Essay

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For thousands of years human beings have had to work for their food, not everyone could just drive to the grocery store and pick up a rib-eye or walk into a fast food restaurant and order a double cheeseburger with cheese. They’ve had to physically go out, wait patiently for mother nature to yield and then claim their bounty which required a multitude of patience and skill. However today hunting stirs up a lot of controversy; Is it necessary? Should there be more regulations and less freedoms? Is it hurting or helping the environment? What benefits does hunting bring? Questions like these are what we as humans should look over before jumping straight to the conclusion that hunting is “unnecessary” or “inhumane”. As a hunter, farmer and landowner myself, I’m able to see that hunting is most definitely a necessary part of sustaining the environment. Glancing throughout history we can see how hunting was one of the very few ways to obtain food right alongside crop growing and cattle raising. Everyone hunted to eat, it’s as simple as that. Today many people are appalled by the idea of killing wild game and then putting it on your plate. To many it is a necessity due to expensive food prices or the inability to get outside supplies of food. For example, people in Alaska who may not be able to acquire their protein whenever needed may find themselves hunting just to stay alive. Another benefit that is often overlooked is the overall healthiness of the wild game meat itself. While…

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