Essay on Should Hunting Be A Symbol Of Society?

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Hunting has existed since before recorded history. It has been a key part of shared culture throughout the world since the first animals went in search of food. President Theodore Roosevelt is often considered a great hunting icon, having founded the Boone and Crockett Club, one of the most prominent organizations behind creating the rules and regulations of hunting, in 1887. There was once a time when the most common interaction between man and animal was the hunt, whereas now animals have a vast array of places in society, including pet companion and spectacle—ultimately, animals are acknowledged to now have more importance than meat. However, hunting is no longer commonplace in modern culture. It is now our social norm to consider hunting inhumane and environmentally destructive. Why has this inaccurate representation of what used to be a symbol of pride come to fruition? People who truly care about the wellbeing of animals and the conservation of nature should fully support hunting, one of the easiest ways to protect species from extinction and protect the environment.
While most people only talk about saving nature, hunters actually do. Hunters are some of the greatest conservationists in the world, contributing more money than any other single group to the conservation and protection of wildlife and wilderness (McMahon A6). There is a very distinct difference between hunting and poaching that cannot be stressed enough. Poachers do not care about animals or the…

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