Should Healthy People Take Drugs? Essay examples

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Should Healthy People Take Drugs to Enhance Their Cognitive Abilities?
By Neelam Shah | Submitted On April 10, 2011

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I think people should take drugs to enhance their cognitive abilities because they can help people in many ways like improving their brain stimulations by nutrition and nutritional supplements - for example omega 3 supplements.

I think these supplements are scientifically proven to enhance children and teens learning abilities and help them to concentrate more in their studies.

Fish contains a lot of omega 3 nutrients in it which studies show students are doing more well in school if they eat fish but that is why omega 3 supplements are also there for vegetarians as some cannot eat fish for religious purposes and personal reasons.

So there are a lot of benefits in taking these capsules that can make healthy people feel better.

The BMA paper examines the effectiveness of various methods that have been suggested as possible cognitive enhancers, including:

Brain stimulation and neurotechnology - involving techniques such as transcranial magnetic stimulation where magnetic pulses are used to stimulate particular areas of the brain or…

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