Recreational Marijuana Benefits Essay

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Benefits to Legalization of Recreational Marijuana in California In the Untied States today people are often faced with the challenge of biased rules and regulations, the prohibition of marijuana is one of these laws. America is a modernized country with no need for excessive boundaries on drugs that can have a positive impact on some people’s lives. The medical use of marijuana in California, one of the United States most economically thriving states, has proven itself to be a benefit. In this modern era we live in the legalization of recreational marijuana in California will benefit the users, the economy, and it is a personal freedom that everyone of age should be able to have. Despite the beliefs people hold about marijuana causing addiction …show more content…
In the Netherlands specifically Amsterdam marijuana and other drugs that are illegal in the U.S. are legal for recreational use. In his article, “Marijuana, Sex, and Amsterdam,” Jeffery A. Miron describes his visit to Amsterdam and what types of vibes he received being in a place that is so free with marijuana. He stated, “The red-light district could not have felt safer or more normal. Nothing felt unsafe or suggested elevated crime or violence.” (Miron 125) Miron describes seeing less potential criminals roaming about at night and around the local cannabis coffee ships. Prohibition is the main reason for violence or rebellion. Legalizing illicit drugs will actually make for a safer environment. Recent studies have shown that in 2009 the illegal marijuana use rate in the U.S. was 11.3 percent while in the Netherlands the legal use rate was 7.0 percent. When drugs become available to the public it has been proven that they are less commonly abused. Yes, people still use and consume them but they are no longer committing a crime. The evidence gathered from the Netherlands provides us with the knowledge that marijuana legalization actually shows a reduction in

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