Why Should Marijuana Be Legalized In Canada Essay

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It’s Time to Legalize
2 out of every 10 Canadians smoke marijuana every year for recreation or medical use (Hajizadeh, 2016). In recent news there is debate if marijuana should be legalized in Canada. Marijuana is grown from the cannabis plant which is currently classified as an illegal substance in Canada and many other countries around the world. Marijuana usage has become a known part of society, and people will continue to crave the substance if it becomes legalized or not. Marijuana has both negative and positive outlooks for the future. The drug is known to be used for medical therapies as well as being a gateway drug for teens. When legalizing the drug of marijuana, it would become a substance that is sold monitored by the government.
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When starting the use of marijuana, it’s effects encourage people that they can continue with harder and more serious drugs. This is one of the major reasons why people believe marijuana needs to be kept illegal. It is known that the use of marijuana can lead to people feeling comfortable with using drugs and going on to experiment with more dangerous drugs. Marijuana plays the role of a connection between illicit drugs and hardcore severe drugs (Cleveland & Wiebe, 2008). People want to feel the same results they do when taking marijuana but amplified which allows them to have the curiosity to try hard drugs. 90% of people who use hard drugs all started with using marijuana (Cleveland & Wiebe, 2008). This does not prove that marijuana should not be legalized. Not every single user will continue on with hard drugs. Marijuana allows you to feel comfortable with the feeling of a drug, it does not force you to continue. If the drug becomes legalized the same people who used marijuana before will continue to use it. Currently the black market for marijuana is so large that anyone who wants to get their hands on marijuana can (Gettman & Kennedy, 2014). The same amount of people who continue on with hard drugs will not change with the legalization of

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