Why Tobacco Should Be Illegal

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Should Tobacco Be Legal or Become Illegal? We all know that tobacco causes many cancers, but I do not think we understand the power we have to ban the use of tobacco and to make people healthier. (Pronouns to include the audience) We also do not think of the other things that tobacco causes. It is a cause of distracted driving. It causes users to go into debt as people waste all of their savings on something that has the power to kill them. Often, people let this information go in through one ear and out the other and ignore these consequences and still choose to use tobacco. Considering the effects of tobacco, tobacco should become illegal, as it would result in a healthier America. About 15 billion cigarettes are sold daily- or 10 million …show more content…
The main reason why people think this is because those drugs are illegal and tobacco isn’t, so they think that tobacco doesn’t do as much damage considering it is still legal. Tony Newman, an author from CNN states, “ When we analyze the harm from drugs, there is no doubt that tobacco is the worst. Tobacco kills more people than cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine and all other illegal drugs combined” (Newman). It is recorded that more than 900,000 people are arrested every year with charges that relate to marijuana. Studies show that tobacco is more harmful to the users health than marijuana is, but marijuana is illegal in many states. If we make these other drugs illegal that are less harmful, shouldn’t we make tobacco illegal considering it is the leading killer? (Rhetorical Question) Smoking and tobacco use is banned in bars and restaurants and even on university campuses. It is possible that people can get fired from their jobs because they cannot give up their tobacco use. Parents have been denied adoption rights because they smoke. One would think that these things would be enough to get people to stop smoking. They are not even close to thinking the right thing. By leaving tobacco legal, we are letting people slowly die and letting people decide to kill themselves when they know they are buying what will kill them. (Complex) If these reasons won’t make tobacco illegal or make people stop smoking, we all need to work together and harder to make tobacco illegal. Additionally, smoking and other tobacco products are a major role in distracted driving. When distracted driving comes up, we automatically think about cell phones, GPS, eating and drinking, and applying makeup. We always seem to leave out smoking. In an article from Anderson Law Firm, Board Certified Personal Injury Lawyer, Mark A. Anderson

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