Argumentative Essay On Gmos

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In the world today there is a large scale discussion over Genetically Modified Organisms or GMOs. The debate is about whether or not foods with GMO ingredients should be labeled or not. People have been modifying the genetic makeup of foods for ages by selectively breeding plants for the traits that are more useful (Editors, Scientific American). A GMO is made from a process in which genes are removed from one organism and put into another. The goal is to achieve a more desired trait, (GMO Foods Should Be Labeled).
Many people do not understand GMOs and what they are. This is part of the issue. According to Scientific American GMOs are “used modern tools to insert a gene here or tweak a gene there, helping the crops tolerate drought and resist herbicides.” Also many anti-GMO activists are using the fight against GMSs to show their concerns about larger agribusiness problems (Reiley). People are also against GMOs because they want the food they buy to represent their beliefs and what they value.
GMOs can be very beneficial for helping countries with high rates of a disease because of malnutrition. GMOs can be used to enhance foods to better certain aspects of the food. These enhancements
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There is extensive testing that genetically modified foods undergo that traditionally bred foods do not face (Brody). Both the FDA and the EPA evaluate and approve these new GMOs. They are tested for toxicity and allergenicity and they must have at least the same nutritive value as the non-GMO counterpart (Brody). The worries are legitimate though. There are possible delayed effects on consumers and the “balance” nature. For example there is a possibility that a gene could mutate and change the function of genes around it, (Brody). In past years the European Nation, which is considered to be very watchful and through has states that GMOs are as safe as other foods, (Editors, Scientific

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