Should Fine Arts Courses Be A Necessary Part Of Student 's Education?

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Should Fine Arts Courses be a Necessary Part of Student’s Education?
(The Debate of Required Fine Arts Courses for a Student’s Proper Education) In America, it is debated that art, dance, and music should be a part of a student’s education. The people who argue that fine arts should be a part of a student’s education think that the student would benefit from it because these studies would improve the student’s creativity and thinking, which could make them better at their other core classes. The people who oppose the idea of fine arts to be required argue that the courses would distract students from their core classes, or it would take too much time and concentration of students who are college bound athletes. The debate about the fine arts courses, such as art, music and dance, being a necessary part of students’ education is an argument about concentration and learning. I believe that music, art and dance shouldn’t be required for a student’s full educational career, but I do believe it should be necessary for I period of time so that the student can decide for himself or herself if they care for the fine arts courses and want to continue pursuing such programs. Fine arts courses, like art, music, and dance, should only be necessary for a part of a student’s education, but not for their full educational career. When students go through elementary school, in their music class, their teacher will teach them to sing along with him/her playing the piano, like “Happy…

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