Should Electronics Be Restricted Essay

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Should Electronics Be More Restricted In Our Society

Do you remember how when something tragic happened in your life, you could always rely on your best of best friends? You remember those hugs full of tender love that they gave to you, as you felt the harsh stinging of tears roll down the side of your face? Well to put it simply, it’s all coming to an end. Due to the constant use of electronics instead of human interaction it could be said that we as people are actually being demoralized, and are losing ground on how we can sympathize for one another . Due to the obvious effects electronics have on humans it could be argued the best course of action at the current time would be to restrict the use of electronics connected to the internet
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It was believed that a certain video was created to do just that with graphic images and suggestions. It was called " MEMEME", and a group of youtubers gave several reasons how it could possibly be a way to fight against the internet. It was an animated video basicly showing this young male being destroyed by technology. Considering the large amount of people who use the internet about "10%" are actually addicted to it . This comes with the obvious name internet addiction. Like most addictions, our brains are wired to the internet. I would imagine that the withdrawals would be fatal in a large amount of the addicts. When there are addicts, then there are certainly movements to stop things that cause them. For example in New York (Stein). This was held to stop the internet. For many of the people in the movement, it was basically about everything being sold to early. All "40,000 seats" were sold in a week before a baseball game. The people were enraged. People with internet addiction buy things as a sort of synthetic happiness. This helps fill the holes in their hearts that they couldn 't achieve in their normal life. This can lead to overspending and

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