Should Electronics Be More Restricted On Our Society? Essay

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Should Electronics Be More Restricted In Our Society

Do you remember how when something tragic happened in your life, you could always rely on your best of best friends? You remember those hugs full of tender love that they gave to you, as you felt the harsh stinging of tears roll down the side of your face? Well to put it simply, it’s all coming to an end. Due to the constant use of electronics instead of human interaction it could be said that we as people are actually being demoralized, and are losing ground on how we can sympathize for one another . Due to the obvious effects electronics have on humans it could be argued the best course of action at the current time would be to restrict the use of electronics connected to the internet in our society.

Technology wasn’t always considered “bad” but until the recent decades we never had the effects of the internet since it was yet to be created. This is shown clearly by the amount of people who use the internet today, and the reasoning behind it. It is also shown through the inconvenient amount of disorders that are associated with the internet. Finally the last way it could be shown, and possibly the most horrifying ; attempts to bring back people to this “ reality”.

On average about “40%” of the world population on a daily basis is on the internet. This is shown from current records from this year of 2015 (Internet Live Stats). This in general means losing connection to your real life friends and social life when…

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