Should Electoral College Be Abolished?

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Should the Electoral College Be Abolished? For a long time, Americans have questioned the way that the Electoral College system is run and how many hoops a person must jump through to become the President of the United States. The Electoral College system was set in place by the framers of the Constitution because they did not like the idea of a direct vote but wanted the citizens of the United States to have a say in the way the country was run. Not only do the Presidential candidates have to go through the process of winning a party’s nomination, they also have to win the most votes from a group of 538 electors that most people have never seen before. The Electoral College is unfair because it doesn’t fairly represent the country’s states …show more content…
A candidate running for President could win the nomination by simply winning the most votes in 11 out of the 50 United States. This would allow for a candidate to only focus on 11 of the 50 states and still win the nomination for President. This example is laughably outrageous, and is clearly undemocratic and unjust. Another example is the 1980 election, when Jimmy Carter won 41% of the popular vote, yet he only pulled 9% of the electoral vote. The Electoral College allowed for Ronald Reagan to take 91% of the electoral vote while only winning 50% of the popular vote. This is evidently undemocratic, as it favors the votes of some citizens and clearly dismisses the votes of many citizens that were the minority in many states. The final example occurred during several elections where a candidate who has won the majority of the popular vote yet still loses the election due to the electoral vote. Some of the candidates won by almost 1 million votes, yet still lost the election because of the Electoral College. This is a perfect example of why the Presidential nomination should became a direct vote.
The Electoral College system is unfair because it is unproportional and prejudiced toward larger states and unconstitutional. The smartest way for the Presidential nomination to be run would be to have a direct popular vote made by the citizens. This system would be the most fair and equal to all of the candidates and voters. This is why I believe that the Electoral College should be

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