Should Computers Replace Teachers? Essay example

1441 Words Mar 22nd, 2015 6 Pages
Since their inception, computers have completely revolutionized any sector in which they 've been incorporated. Arguably the greatest invention of this century, computers, have simplified almost all of the activities of man, whether it is communication, business, entertainment and most of all, education. As they can store vast amounts of data, computers have been pivotal in the teaching and learning process. They have replaced books in most classes and were increasingly being used by students as a source of information. The modern classroom relies more on the computer while getting information, than on an actual teacher. The issue has recently sparked a lot of debates on the importance of a teacher in a class. Are teachers still relevant? Do they still have a position in the teaching environment? Should computers replace teachers? I am of the contrary opinion. The day, when computers can fully replace teachers, has yet to come. By writing this essay, I hope to convince pro-computer thinkers that they are being mistaken and to reemphasize the increasingly important role of a teacher in a class setting. Computers cannot relate to students the way a teacher can (, 2014). Although learning is rooted in the transfer of knowledge, it involves much more than that. Granted, computers can hold much more information than even the best teachers. Unlike computers though, teachers can interact with students on a personal level. They understand what each student needs.…

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